Application documents

The State Secretariat for Migration and the cantonal employment services will handle applications only if submitted in full. Please ensure, therefore, that you send all of the following documents:

Application form
  • Most cantons make the forms available on their own websites. Some cantons allow online applications.
Copy of passport
  • Important for the correct collection of personal data
  • Confirmation of vacancy advertised by the regional employment office (RAV) and within the EURES system (notify your RAV advisor)
  • Copies of job advertisements published in professional magazines, national weekly or daily newspapers in Switzerland, specialist online portals and social media (such as LinkedIn)
  • Information on other job search efforts in Switzerland and the EU/EFTA area (as customary in the respective sector)
  • Confirmation from an appointed employment agent
  • Information on applications received and reasons that they cannot be considered (RAV offices can provide the relevant questionnaires, for example)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Proof of qualifications such as education certificates and references
  • Copies of documents in original language, as well as certified translations if the documents are not in one of Switzerland’s official languages or English
  • Reasons the vacancy must be filled
  • Job description or duties of the position to be filled, and information on the company
Additional documents for project work
  • Evidence of the order (contract for work or confirmation of the order)
  • Project description
  • Implementation plan
  • Additional documents for contract staff: authorisation to appoint contract staff; staff and project contracts
Additional documents for business start-ups
  • Deed of foundation; entry in the commercial register
  • Three-year business plan showing intended organisation, staff development and financing (budgeting/expenses/income), as well as information on the industry related market, market and competition analysis
  • Contract of employment (must be signed at least by the employer; this is considered binding by the authorities), or employee transfer confirmation from the foreign employer, stating salary, expat allowances and expenses arrangements

Last modification 11.10.2020

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