Federal program "Support measures for persons with protection status S"

On 12 March2022, the Federal Council activated the protection status S for individuals seeking protection from Ukraine. To ensure that the concerned individuals quickly find a job and participate in social life, the Confederation wishes to particularly promote language acquisition. The Federal Council therefore decided on 13 April to launch the "Support measures for individuals with protection status S" program.

On 9th of November 2022, the Federal Council decided that the protection status S for persons seeking protection from Ukraine would not be lifted until 4 March 2024, unless the situation in the country changes radically by then. Program S is therefore also extended until March 2024. To this end, on 25 January 2023, the SEM partially revised the circular "Program S" of 13 April 2022.

The program focuses on language acquisition, access to the labor market and support for families and children. The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) supports the cantons with a financial contribution of 250 francs per person with protection status S per month (which represents 3000 francs per person per year). Once these people have been attributed to a canton, the implementation of the Program S and the support measures are in principle the responsibility of the cantons. The cantons now have the corresponding structures and measures in place within the framework of the cantonal integration programs PIC (KIP website).

These are used by the cantons to support people with protection status S in accordance with the priorities set out in Program S. In doing so, the cantons ensure that the strategic objectives of the program in accordance with the Swiss Integration Agenda are pursued as far as possible.

In parallel, and in order to support the cantons, the SEM has launched a stabilization and resource activation program for refugees with other particular needs. These measures are also open to people with protection status S. The call for projects for the program has been published on the SEM website.

Last modification 27.09.2023

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