Terrorism – Current situation

Flowers for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack in May 2017
Flowers for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack in May 2017. (Foto: Keystone/Andy Rain)

Since the beginning of 2015 Europe has been rocked by a series of jihadist terror attacks. Carried out with little planning and using moderate means, attacks like these can strike anyone and anywhere, be it in a Paris restaurant, at a celebratory parade in Nice, at a Christmas market in Berlin or in a Stockholm shopping street.

According to the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) there is a heightened risk of a terrorist attack in Switzerland. As a member of the Western world, situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland could also be a target.

The perpetrators of these attacks can be people who have been radicalised in our country or foreign fighters returning from jihad conflict regions. They may use Switzerland as transit country or as a logistical base for preparing attacks in other countries.

Terror in Europe will not dwindle or disappear by recapturing territory lost to so-called Islamic State. There is evidence that IS middlemen, potential terrorists and IS-controlled cells are in Europe. Moreover, the power of IS propaganda over its target groups remains unbroken.

Last modification 06.05.2021

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